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Dealership and service tuning-center "Dartech" is a warranty service station for OJSC "UAZ", OJSC "Volzhskie motory", OJSC "ZMZ", PKh "Elinzh", SIF "Soliton". The company exists for already 11 years, and for this time period it has proved itself to be a leader in developing and introduction of innovative researches in off-road vehicle tuning, and especially in such complicated cars as UAZ. Owing to highly qualified work of LLC "Dartech" workers more than (200) cars became more powerful, maneuverable and comfortable!

Using great work experience and all advantages of UAZ and GAZ cars, LLC "Dartech" realizes wide series of tuning variants. List of services that we provide, includes more than 100 items. There are only few of them:

  • installation of carburetor, injector and diesel engines;
  • complex solutions for hunting, off-road, traveling, exploitation in the North part of Russia, and many other;
  • Finishing of engines and running gear;
  • External tuning and equipping of vip-cabins;
  • Anticorrosion covering;
  • Different built-in equipment (air-conditioners, pre-starting heater, scanners for injector engines, and many other).
  • We make special cars for force departments, patrol force, Ministry of Health, Housing and communal services and others, on the basis of Certificate of conferment of World vehicle manufacturer identifier (WMI).


Now we are mastering new diagnostic equipment, which allows us to estimate the whole car: from composition of exhaust gas to separate blocks and units of electronic control circuits.

Enlargement of working areas, increase of station capacity. Supply of component parts for injection systems and steering boosters.

New workshop for flattening and coloring was put into operation. We conduct preparatory works for car body painting and coloring according to customers’ requests.

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